Using Mobdro Through Kodi

It may seem a little redundant, but you can use Mobdro within the Kodi platform, as well.

Firstly, install the Kodi software on your desired device, if you have not already done so. Once it has been installed and launched, navigate to the “system” section on the home screen. Once there, click on file manager and find the “add source” option, then click okay.

On the virtual keyboard that appears on your screen, type and then choose “done.” Enter the name of your choosing for the media file, then find your way back to the home screen and the “system” section once more. Find and click the “install from zip file” option and chose the name you gave the media file.

Once you click, a notification should pop up about add-ons being enabled. Click on “get add-ons” and choose the AH add-on repository. Find your way to the “video add-ons” section and choose Mobdro. After that long and arduous journey, you should finally be able to operate Mobdro out of Kodi.